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Jun, 2018

Dicky's Tree

There's not a Louisa Little League baseball player that doesn't know "Dicky's Tree."  Everyone has seen the massive tree that sits behind the press box at Purcell Field along Church Ave.  Kids have used the tree playing wiffle ball or any other made-up games throughout the years and many ball players have prayed and had pre-game and post-game talks under the shade.  Dicky Purcell is one coach that has religiously used the tree for his team meetings and prayer sessions, so it's understandable that the tree has always been lovingly referred to as Dicky's Tree.

However, on Tuesday morning, the landscape of Purcell field had changed.  The mighty red maple had fallen across Church Ave.  Cleanup efforts pushed through to reopen the road and repair the lines that were pulled down (miraculously electric lines remained intact).  Although it's just a tree, many of us, young and old, felt a pull of our heart strings at the news.  It's ironic that the tree fell just a week after our regular season wrapped up.  Now we're left to ponder what will take it's place.

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